Love Plus One (G-Man, #2) - Andrea  Smith Lindsey Dennison was introduced in Diamond Girl as the innocent daughter of Sammie. She's watched her parents loveless marriage collapse, been attracted to her now step father, Slate, and just wants to be a normal kid, or young adult. Don't call her a kid, though because she'll start drinking to prove she's not one. Seriously, everytime she needs to make an "adult decision", she reaches for a bottle of liquid courage. Points are made that she's almost 21, but knowing my own kids, there is a huge age gap in these two years with significant growth. I am not saying that I didn't drink before I was 21, because Lord knows I did, but the author repeatedly indicated that she was under-age.

Taz or Trace, is Slate's best friend and partner in the FBI. At 29, he is thought of as a man whore, especially by Lindsey's mother, Sammie, who knows his history when he was undercover and knows that he doesn't have problems getting the attention of the female persuasion. He backs off several times from his attraction to Lindsey, especially when he realizes that she's a virgin, however with the instant attraction and 'do-me vibes' that roll off of one another, it is only a matter of time before Lindsey's v-card is not only thrown out the window, but shredded first and blown to bits.

The back story of this book involves Lindsey's father. While her mother gets on with her life, Lindsey is left guessing to his fate and it really is sad. When she finally gets pissed at her mom, I felt honest emotions. There's also several other key dramas going on, however I don't want to write about them, because they would spoil the storyline. Sammie's medical issue though seemed a bit grasping and too convienient for the point in the book to bring Lindsey home.

What didn't work for me and why I couldn't rate this book higher: the dialogue between Taz and Lindsey, especially when they were going to do the deed.

This is lubrication, Lindsey. This one's okay to be used on the genital areas. It also has a warming ingredient that'll assist in preparing you for penetration...

Who in the hell talks like that during foreplay?!?

I know what it's like not knowing where my huband is for work or what he's working on, so I understand that aspect, however I think that Lindsey would be a bit too immature to deal with it. The only real conversation I felt was captured between Taz and Lindsey was after Lindsey's rape. It was brutal, it was raw, and it was believable.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. While the dialogue fell short for me, I enjoyed it.

3.5/5 Stars