Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners, #1) - Bella Jewel I so much wanted to love this book. I really did. Hot Bikers. Steamy Sex. Alpha Men. How did I get let down? A whole lot of cheese, and a bunch of self caused predictable/unbelievable TSTL drama, and numerous typos (one even on the first page-- ugh), but none the less, I finished it for ONLY two reasons: the Hell's Knights with Jackson and Cade and the Heaven's Sinners with Spike who are all Alpha Bad Ass Bikers. Perhaps if the books focus was on them instead, it would have worked better for me-- that is what I was excpecting by the blurb as well as the title.

Instead, the main character was Addison who got on my nerves. Yes- she had a screwed up disturbing past, more screwed up than most and she was a survivor; but she was so hell bent on constantly trying to prove she wasn't responsible to anyone, let alone worthy of love. She gets so pissed when she thinks she's being judged for her mother's choices, even the word whore makes her see red, however Addison herself was so judgmental when she initially hopped the fence of the compound and saw the guys that make up the MC.

I guess knowing he is a biker, I expected a fat, ugly, smelly man with a beer belly. Not the handsome, well groomed man sauntering towards me.

Fine, give me some money, and I'll leave. I have something to do then (<-- should be <u>THAN, but I digress) stand here with a bunch of scummy bikers.

WTF?!? She says their scum. In ear shot of the guys. And she wonders why not everyone is pleased she is there??? Not going to excuse the one wench, but at least that lady wanted everything and didn't disrespect the club. Even though she grew up with absolutely nothing, Addison is S-P-O-I-L-E-D.

Fair warning; this book does play the flip flop game of Past versus Present in every chapter-- which can be a bit draining.

It was a quick read though, I read it in under two hours.

I don't give many one/two stars when I review a book because I know how much authors, especially new authors, depend on their ratings. Even five stars are a rarity because it has to be special to me and I truly believe that the BETAs failed this author with the numerous spelling and grammar errors that abound throughout the book which should have been caught.

Will I read part two? YES! I hope that [a:Bella Jewel|7178194|Bella Jewel|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1376366781p2/7178194.jpg]'s characters become stronger and more palatable (at least to to me), and should she need a better proof reader, hit me up, I'd be glad to.