Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan When you are with me I am free. My strength. My heart. My everything. Our love continues forever. Amor Vincit Omnia

Everyone has that moment in time that changes them-- when they meet that one person who will stay within their heart forever as their first love; the one person who is their everything with the power to make them a better human being with a simple breath or shatter them with just a word. And when your world does crumble, how do you pick up the pieces, especially when your chosen path seems to be the darkest of darks only to find yourself trying to escape hell and literally live?

Axel and Iz... Twists of past's fate tried to keep them apart, but once all the b.s. is set aside, nothing can conquer true love. There are some dark sides to this story including a lot of intense scenes of domestic abuse and glimpses of PTSD, yet there are the tender sweet moments that helped me deal with the ugliness. The depth of the characters... I cried and laughed throughout the book. I loved the supporting team in Izzy's life- every woman needs a girlfriend like Dee and a big brawny pseudo brother like Greg.

Along with his friends, Axel is pure Alpha Hawt, encompassing all that is testosterone which can make a girl swoon. I do want to say that I do have a soft spot for Beck, especially-- well just because I helped name him. *wink*

I was honored to read the ARC of Axel, kindly provided by the talented Ms. Sloan. With this being her breakthrough novel, she will go tremendously far. This series should be on your TBR shelf and when it comes out I will buy a copy because I think the author deserves it.