Saving Dallas - Kim Jones 2.5 stars... Let me preface this with the fact that I LOVE Alpha Men.. add in some tattoos and a bike, well


Dallas Knox was a character that I could not stand. You know the kind that if they spontaneously combusted in front of you, you'd actually have to think really really really hard before even wasting a drop of your own spit to potentially save them-- yeah, she was it for me. I had a very hard time connecting to her.

Being five foot four with a body most people only dream of can get you a lot when it comes to men. Not to mention my long, silky brown locks, my perfect teeth, and a smile that would make the devil himself bow down.

Luke Carmical, oh Luke... totally Bad A$$, yet so beautifully tender.

I would move heaven and earth for you Dallas. I will spend the rest of my days making you happy. I have loved before, but never like this.

But their relationship is based on LIES She tells him that she was touched while she was sleeping during the break in, when she wasn't , OMISSIONS She decides not to tell him she was poisoned with arsenic which reulted in a hospital stay and a whole lot of CRAZY-- both main characters seem to be a bit bipolar. However with the cliffhanger style ending, you really don't find out the depth of Luke's lies You are told that he was hired to protect her , but he does say he's a bad person.

Am I going to read the next two books to see if there really is any redemption in Dallas? Yes, because I love a bit of drama and non endings piss me off.

As others have pointed out, there are several areas that desperately need an editor's attention. Own is used when On should be and vice versa. Sense versus Since and Decoy versus Deploy... is it a bad read? No, but it could be so much better.