Club Justice - Mara McBain Holy Crap, I loved it. The protection of family--whether it be by blood, bikes, or by the thin blue line. Ginny is what I strive to be- loyal, strong, and fabulously smart. I was drawn in and couldn't stop. Onto book two... yay! Some of the best lines:

“Maybe you have Rhys whipped enough to put up with your viperous tongue, but you talk to my other two like that again and I will drown your worthless ass. You got me, Barbie?” she hissed. The girl nodded her frantic agreement and Ginny released her with a shove and turned her furious gaze on Rhys. “Get that worthless skank out of my pool and out of my sight.” Shaking water off her hands, Ginny stood and brushed past Zeke. Everyone gawked as she disappeared back into the house, slamming the screen door in her wake.


“You really are a delusional bitch. Let’s get a couple things straight, shall we? There is no you and Zeke. By your own admission, you climbed on top of him after he passed out and helped yourself. It is probably a blessing he has no memory of it because the thought of fucking you makes him physically ill. Secondly, if you would’ve had any clue that Mox was Zeke’s son, you would’ve played that trump card day one, not twenty years later. We took Mox into our home and hearts long before there was a legal reason to. We did it because of who he is, not who his sperm donor is. That said, let me see if I can make this clear to you.” Ginny’s hand shot out and wrapped around Flo’s scrawny throat as she closed the distance between them, pinning the older woman to the cooler. Her nails dug into the jugular and she leaned close to whisper, “You’re going to leave my family alone. You’re going to stay away from my husband and you’re going to stop hurting Mox. I have to hand it to you. You know how to twist words to your will. Your poisonous whispers almost worked at the hog roast. If you try your venomous bullshit with Mox again, I will rip your fucking throat out. Do you understand me?"