If Only (Captured, #1) - Louise J. How many times can two people get a chance at true love?

What I loved about this book: *Callie-- her quirky fabulous fashion choices; if I could rock cotton candy colored hair, I so totally would. I L-O-V-E-D her the first 70% of the book, she seemed strong and fearless. *Joe-- biker, tattoo artist, a total saint; waiting patiently to acknowledge his feelings for Callie so many, many years. *The supporting characters-- Su, Dane, Saffron, Adam & Roman... all contributed to the plot so much.

What I didn't like: The book seemed to have a fast forward button. At one point it jumps days. The next is months and finally years. If the two main characters would just talk to each other so much drama could have been prevented-- which I guess is why the title fits. Callie was annoying in the last 30%; she knows that Joe had a past while she was with Nick, yet she runs.