Damned  (The Pirate, #1) - Bec Botefuhr What the hell did I spend a couple hours on? Seriously, what I thought I was getting into was historical romance maybe with a twist of paranormal... but this was NOT it. Set in the present with cell phones to boot, there is a very needy/annoying/irritating Russian princess who really isn't, a couple of boat loads of Pirates, Poseidon the Greek God, treasures, curses, gifts, mixed in with abusive screwed up families and an ex wife. My only thought in this discombobulated mess was that perhaps, this was trying to be a blend of the entire POTC franchise set in the 21st century???

I am still trying to figure out how this book has averaged 4 stars, I feel VERY generous with 2. On the Smut Level: None. Other than the Pirate getting off on a little pain, this very vanilla book's risqué scene involves *gasp* doggy style and a couple of BJ's. There is a rape scene that is alluded to as well.

Yeah, this just wasn't for me.