Marco's Redemption - Lynda Chance 2.5 Stars-- It was a quick read. While I love a story about a strong alpha man, this book seemed to jump around a bit and had a few typos. The first half of the book was great with a lot of strong character development, but the ending was rushed; an example--one minute she was going to drive to Vidor and visit her mother and the next page her mother had a new boyfriend. There was a couple from Marco's past that were frequently brought up in various situations, the Kennedy's, however they really never contributed to any of the plot other than a few propositions and raising the heroine's ick factor. I also thought that Natalie's sudden morph into a 'strong female' with her retorts to his dominating ways didn't really tie into the first half of the book. There was mention of Marco's desires to depraved tastes, which I guess is the hints towards ménage or Kennedy swaps, but the author never delved into it, so it really was a vanilla book.