Strings - Kendall Grey I am an avid reader that typically reads at least one book per day. Last year on Amazon, I spent well over $8k on books, JUST books. Price points on books don't faze me if I am truly interested. After seeing the author's opinions on her target readers for this series, I will never financially support her or her writings. She may consider herself a sell out, I just won't consider her at all.

I have been intoduced to several authors that once I like one of their stories, I will automatically read whatever they write, even if it's a genre I don't normally gravitate towards, including past books. Perhaps I may have done this in with Ms. Grey's "artistic" collection, but yeah, no thanks. This "motherfu¢ke®" would rather support other authors who don't forget it is us readers, who love to get lost in their writings and not be insulted as we support them.

This book has been removed from my TBR shelf. I believe Ms. Grey should hire a PR person and assume a pseudonymous career if she wants to continue as an author, as she seems to be the current Lindsay Lohan of the literary world; hell bent on self destruction, at least here in the Goodreads community.