Forged in Steele - Maya Banks After a ho-hum start where I was literally saying, "Eh", the book eventually redeemed itself based on the badass mf that is Steele.

Seriously, the first 35% I was cringing. There were a lot of areas that were predictable, but there was just enough of a twist on my surmises to save it. And Steele, damn, I loved him, he is definetly a new favorite book boyfriend. Maybe it's because he reminds me of my husband; gruff exterior who doesn't speak much and everyone thinks is a total asshat, but a total love muffin in private when you really know him. This is an obvious favorite series, but if not for Steele, I'd say it'd be a 3 star book. I kept wanting more oomph, whether it be drama or passion, because it just felt like it was missing something magical.