Destined to Change (Destined, #1) - Lisa M. Harley Ok, good things first... I loved the story of Lorelei and Declan's love. It was truly beautiful. I think though, in the real world, she would have a tough time not having or showing the slightest bit of guilt even though it was an accident. Secondly, Jaxon; he was the perfect guy. Lorelei's kids-- I giggled at Sammy's outbursts.

"Mommy, why is Jaxon in bed with you? Oh my God, did you see his penis mommy? Grandma, mommy saw Jaxon's penis!"

Now to what I didn't enjoy; I felt the dialogue was simply cheesy. I also had a tough time with Lorelei, at times she seemed to be a TSTL character. She could manage 20,000 acres but then place blame on Jaxon regarding protection after their first time, not to mention the games she played with Cade and Jaxon.

He knew why he was coming over. He knew I hadn't been with anyone in ten years. He had to know I wasn't on birth control... I finally blurted it out, "Um, why didn't you use protection last night?" WTF--hello!! Was she not an active participant?? Why should Jaxon bear the brunt? She had more sense when she was drunk to insist on a condom with Cade.

This book was clearly NA, even though Lorelei was in her late 20's and it's not that I don't enjoy that genre, but I feel at some point women need to accept their own responsibilities and quit contributing to drama.