On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young Tragedy struck early leaving Jocelyn a very wealthy teenager. To escape her past and memories, she travels from America to live in Scotland to attend college where she ends up staying because she has dual citizenship. Never learning to cope, she is often knocked to her very core with panic attacks even into adulthood. Without letting anyone in, due to fear, she only has two people she considers a friend, her previous roommate and her old roommate's boyfriend -both of who she really doesn't know- and they move away and leave her to find a new place to live. All alone, again, she seeks out and finds the perfect place...her new roommate, Ellie, though comes with feelings she's not used to and an older wealthy brother who happens to be interested in her not only sexually but as a person and proposes friends with benefits trysts.

Reading about Joss conquering her self-destruct patterns had me in angst and left me shaking my head may times. Braden was an ultimate broody Man's man who had his own issues.

This book made me laugh, cry, be frustrated, and sigh. I enjoyed the book immensely and definitely would recommend.